Live young
Live young with a healthy lifestyle
Live young with a healthy lifestyle

The Road Ahead: Discovering a new balance between work and play

by Roshan Jayaraj Roshan

Roshan Jayaraj, a proud Bangalore boy, an IT professional, a workaholic and an optimist by profession. He has a hectic work schedule, puts in more than 13 hours a day, travels Monday to Friday but lives life to its fullest. His work is very demanding both mentally and physically, if you look at his schedule you will think he doesn’t have a life but if you visit his Facebook page you will be amazed.

Work hard and Party harder

When asked how he manages to do this - he says, “I have NO OPTION, I have to work hard and party hard in the literal sense. If I don’t venture out and do the things I do, I would have been a failure at work and would’ve become physically unfit. I am like a hybrid car, the more I run the more my batteries are charged and the better I perform. I don’t plan my adventures, work takes me to places and I talk to the locals and find something interesting to do, can be something as simple as riding a bull-a-cart, swimming in the local river, trail running the local hillock or deep sea fishing with the local fishermen.”

Grab the opportunity and live life

“When I travel to a new place I first get in touch with the locals (best place to start are taxi drivers and tuk tuk drivers), eat their local food (the best way to know the people/place is through their pallet). Once this is done, tell them what kind of person you are and what you like to do, what you like to eat and drink and soon you will find yourself watching a bull fight or drinking the local drink and playing a local instrument.” He adds, “If you find nothing just put on your running shoes and run around the place and you will bump in to your passion. I don’t believe in work life balance, in today’s time and age one has to keep an open mind and grab any opportunity to live life and just do it! I always tell people I work 24/7 and I am on vacation 24/7.”