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Live young with a healthy lifestyle
Live young with a healthy lifestyle

Health benefits of whole wheat

by Qua Nutrition

The Darker the Better, The Whiter the Fatter

The health content of your atta is in its color. The darker the better, the whiter the fatter. Maida is prepared by refining of wheat flour from where the bran and germ gets removed thereby making maida/refined flour devoid of fiber and more of carbohydrates. Since maida is refined it gives a smooth texture and hence it is the preferred choice in preparing bakery products like cakes, breads, biscuits, pooris, parathas, naan, pav, kulkchas and many more. It becomes difficult for one to avoid as it is present in most of the processed foods, breads and fast food. On the other hand whole wheat retains its bran and germ. Therefore it has its nutrients stored. Wheat flour contains B vitamins which is essential for the body for energy metabolism. Our choices can be to opt for chapattis, phulkas, noodles, breads made of whole wheat or multi grain instead of food products made of maida.

Whole wheat Vs maida
Consuming products made of maida can often lead to digestion problems which leads to constipation, acidity and indigestion as it lacks fiber. Maida has a high glycemic index which is not good for diabetics as it can affect blood sugar levels.
People who consume maida are at risk of getting problems such as poor lipid profile and inflammation after prolonged use.Consuming whole wheat helps in prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and blood pressure. Also the presence of fibre helps in relieving constipation, reducing cholesterol levels and weight maintenance.
Consuming whole wheat helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. As it contains insoluble fibre it is also shown in preventing gall stones as the insoluble fibre helps in increasing the gastrointestinal transit time and decreases secretion of bile acids. Whole wheat also acts as a laxative.

Whole wheat has a higher percentage of protein than its processed sister maida, which is predominantly a carbohydrate source, should be a preferred choice in a balanced form in the diet, unless gluten intolerant.