Live young
Live young with a healthy lifestyle
Live young with a healthy lifestyle


by Ryan Fernando Katori

The world is filled with recommendations on the perfect diet to become slimmer, healthier and fitter. None of these diets may be sustainable. Most people do the diet for a few weeks. In my practice I have seen people lose weight, but also lose hair, skin glow and get depressingly low on energy levels.
As a nutritionist we have privileged access to research that describes dieting as the worst way to lose weight. Research has actually shown that people put back on the weight lost during a diet. So what is the real solution?

Over the years I have concluded that the best diet is actually not a diet but a Nutrition Plan. So how is it different? A nutrition plan is a plan which feeds you the right amount of calories with a structure of balance of Nutrients in the Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fat. Timing of meals in a plan like this is also of Paramount Importance. So I came up with the simplest method for a person to follow what they are already doing. Its called the Katori Diet.
The Katori Diet is a simple term coined during my years of asking clients to follow a lower portion concept. The Indian KATORI is a universal bowl of measurement and serving in our sub-continent for all dishes during any meal.
So what do you have to Do?
To start, Choose 2 different katoris - one large and one small.

The large Katori will be used for measures of

Vegetables (Both Raw and Cooked)
Pulses ( Dals)

The Small Katori will be used for measures of

Grain (Rice, Wheat etc)
Sugary or Sweet Items
Savouries or Mixtures

So the Katori approach means that if you have 3 large katoris of rice, my suggestion is when you make your own katori diet, you move it to 3 small katoris of rice. Likewise when you are eating fruits or vegetables I would like you to move up from a small katori and go to a larger katori and have 2-3 katoris of either fruits or vegetables. This method of slowly reducing the portion will allow you to reduce calories and thereby helping you slowly lose weight or get healthier.

The key here is to allow yourself time. Do not expect drastic results from any diet. If they do, they have the bounce back effect on your weight. In the katori diet it’s a slow and steady pace. Plan for a 1 kg reduction per month and add a 45 min walk every day. Maybe interchange with some Yoga. Remember as you grow older, your absorption of nutrients slow down. So allow your body to grow into its years by eating responsibly. Make the Katori your best friend. It will keep you in Check.

*Please consult a qualified Nutritionist or Dietitian to help you plan your nutrition more accurately. If you have a medical condition or lifestyle disease the Katori option should not be followed. Instead seek the advice of a Medical Professional and Diet Counsellor.