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Live young with a healthy lifestyle
Live young with a healthy lifestyle

10 healthy good for you snacks

by Qua Nutrition 10Health

Between the main meals we all prefer to snack or munch on something. Snacking acts as a filler and people might end up grazing on foods which are higher in fat content. Snacking should be small portioned and should help you full till the next main meal .Here is some snacking options.

  • Nuts

    A mix of nuts could be kept in handy in your drawer/bags. Nuts contain good amounts of healthy fats called as omega 3 which are heart friendly. It is advisable to have a handful at a time.

  • Whole fruit

    Having a whole fruit is better than having a fruit juice. A whole fruit contains fibre which helps to keep you fuller for long. It also contains a good amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that helps in boosting immunity. Have fruits which are seasonal.

  • Salads

    Salads made of lots of vegetable and a low fat dressing is a great choice for snacking.
    To add to its protein content one can add chicken, egg or in case of vegetarians paneer or tofu. It's whole meal, a great snacking option and adds additional fibre to your diet.

  • Chikki

    If you crave for some sweet instead of indulging in some high fat sweet go for chikki. It is made with jaggery, which is a good source of iron and nuts/seeds, which provides healthy fat. Also, it can be easily prepared at home.

  • Dark chocolate

    If you are a chocolate lover, than you will surely be happy! Dark chocolate is found to have good amount of antioxidants and hence when you crave for chocolate, go for a dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate.

  • Bhel

    This is loved as a snack by many. However the ones available on street would be loaded with sev and puri which is a no-no. One can prepare this by combing puffed rice (kurmura), vegetables like tomato, cucumber, onion with a dash of lemon juice and enjoy a delicious healthy snack.

  • Sprouts

    Sprouts can be had in steamed, boiled or in a salad form, added in vegetables and rolls . Since it is packed with proteins it helps keep you fuller for long.

  • Smoothie

    When you feel like drinking instead of chewing, a smoothie can come in there. Smoothie made out of curd and seasonal fruit can be tasty and refreshing and up the antioxidant content with the probiotics. To increase on its crunch and protein one can top it up with some oats.

  • Sandwich

    Sandwich using multigrain breads or whole wheat bread can be consumed. The filling could be veggies or chicken. Options are available in bread in gluten free as well.

  • Biscuits

    When you feel like eating biscuits, opt for digestive or oats. A source of energy in case of emergency, biscuits like Farmlite provides a wide range of combination of Oats with Almonds, Farmlite Oats with Raisins, and Oats with Chocolate. It's not only a healthier snack choice but it also tastes good.